Our Service Approach

Our service approach takes into consideration the entire brand value chain for your health, fitness and cannabis business as it pertains to marketing, sales, and communication in helping you create a SUPERSTAR BRAND that adds long-term value to you, company owners, and all stakeholders.

We assist you with every aspect of what a business needs because we understand the build and execution of the properly architected brand, as well as knowing what your customers want and need.

Some of our capabilities: promotion & pricing optimization | salesforce effectiveness | supply chain management | procurement & supplier management | manufacturing optimization | distribution channel summary blueprinting and logistics (3PL) | overhead cost reduction | pre/post-merger integration | business analytics & IT transformation | inventory & working capital management | merger & acquisition due diligence

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What We Can Do

Fractional CMO

A fractional CMO is a marketing consultant the shares time with multiple clients following a proven process to deliver marketing strategies that drive sales growth. 


  • Leverage C-level marketing Leadership and expertise that aligns to your business needs
  • Benefit from unbiased fiduciary partners that are committed to your strategy and not just expensive tactics
  • Follow a proven marketing system for consistency of results
  • Align sales and marketing from strategy through execution

Creative Services

When you choose one us, we become your design team.

All of our services include professional graphic design, project management, account management, pre & post planning, and weekly updates.

• Print Design
• Digital Design
• Web Design
• Brand Development
• Copywriting
• Social Media & Outreach
• Campaign Development

Business Development

What’s a health and fitness business without a pipeline or a flow of cash and clients?

Where does your business stand and what do you need in order to gain a competitive advantage?

Our team of business development experts will assess your business model, advise you on the direction that matches the market and your mission, and give you the exact tools you need to raise capital.

• Business Landscape Assessment
• Capitalization Evaluation & Recommendations
• Pitch Decks
• Strategic Planning

Organizational Development

Once you know you can get capital or are funded to launch, you need to know what to do with those funds. Do you know what to do? Are you wasting time and money?

We will get your roadmap in place. Furthermore, you will receive the infrastructure enhancements and budgetary allocations to ensure your business sustainability. Our experienced team will perform the evaluations and offer these deliverables:

• Infrastructure Evaluation
• Business Growth Budget
• Staffing and Board Member Requirements
• Business Sustainability Plan

Strategy & Vision

Whatever stage your business is at you absolutely need a vision.

Revisiting and getting crystal-clear on your products, services, goals and tactics is mission critical to guide the brand development, messaging, marketing campaigns, and overall theme that your health and fitness business will need to be made public.

• Establish Achievable Goals
• Business Model Refinement
• Product and Services Offerings
• Value Proposition Defined

Financial Solutions

Is your business seeking capital to start a business or expand? Our client financial services provide a variety of lending resources to our health and fitness business owners. We can help you find the funding to suit your needs with numerous financial solutions and more than 200 financial sources.

• Personal Unsecured Line of Credit Options
• Options for Working Capital
• Application & Funding Submissions
• Credit Suggestions and Referrals
• Correspondence with Lenders
• Dun & Bradstreet Business Report Analysis

If you have a brief you would like us to take alook at or a project you would like us to consider


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