The New Health Care Is Self Care

Crossing Borders to Empower Health Entrepreneurs

Truestar Health Inc. provides personal health programs on nutrition, exercise, vitamins, attitude, and sleep. It offers various personalized health plans, vitamins, minerals, exercise programs, and vitamin supplements for weight loss, sports nutrition, energy, healthy aging, and optimal wellness for people of all ages.


The company had little distribution roots, no offices, and little product circulation in the United States. Translate the Canadian company into a highly viable and credible offering igniting growth in the United States market.


Unify operations. Open United States offices and attract credible leadership talent in key markets and increase rep force and cash flow. Develop weight loss contest, develop branded apparel line for reps, and create luxury B2B products to attract United States network marketers. Successful uniformity in the field with company branding.


Successfully opened offices, grew micro-market volume to momentum levels and increased monthly revenues from starting figures. A successful launch of the weight loss program substantially increased the number of users, distributors, and retail customers.

Expanding the Brand

Truestar was already a well-established brand in Canada but they were missing the pieces to the puzzle when it came to expanding into the United States market and establishing steady sales revenue. We wanted to take Truestar to the forefront of the health and wellness space in the US to help the most people and get it acquired.

Crossing Borders

Truestar began to grow its business and Canadian operations into the United States, distributing its products and services through independent sales and marketing reps. The CEO and David worked closely to develop the business, run US operations, and manage the United States division as its own entity.

Design & Development

Setting Up Shop

He sought out a prime location in Del Mar, CA. He designed and set up the United States Truestar Health headquarters stocked with sales reps, modern furnishings, and elaborate fitness art.

WebSITE Development

We used modern colors and multiple images to distinguish the brand.

Recruiting Strategy

Team-Building At Its Finest

New leadership people underwent high-impact sales training, then driving hundreds in memberships to Truestar. The technique proved successful.


Style Guide

Everything from the typography to the logo design was revamped.

Dressing the Brand

The team wanted to align the field with branded apparel they would WANT to wear and use and we did that.


The best products were developed for the new challenges. Our customized solutions made ordering and feeling good easier for users.

The Weight Loss Contest

New Body Challenge

The first program the team designed was The New Body Challenge.

Challenges For All

The team launched four more challenges!

Personal Development Program!

We created this guide fueled by a desire to tie it all together and the personal passion to do more for one’s self.

Launching The Campaign!

The launch kit was designed to drive the Get Campaign. It featured the exciting and much anticipated Truestar Launch Party in Dallas, TX. At the Dallas launch party, over $250,000.00 in prizes, car programs, trips and cash were awarded!

“Get” Campaign

Get Fit. Get Social. Get Paid.

The Materials

The marketing materials were innovative and enticing.

Connecting with Brand, People, and Art

We connected with real life vibe photography to spur true inspiration and attract all ages.

Logo ART

The Truestar logo originates from the five key areas of health representing the five points of the star.

Mission NOT Impossible

As of July 25, 2014, Truestar Health Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Avidus Management Group Inc

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