Love your Body. Live Your Life…

The California based company was established to market the unique line of fitness products to a worldwide audience of females, targeting frequent travelers, medical weight loss patients, college students, new moms, and personal trainers who desire the natural lifestyle of active-training.


To design, develop, and successfully sell a high-quality health and fitness product line to appeal to the ever-growing consumer base of on-the-go female fitness enthusiasts.


(a) To create a self customizing, comprehensive product-line with an active marketing suite of health and fitness products and aides. (b) Work with channel partners and media placements in Oxygen Magazine. (c) Develop sales through a legion of fitness-minded female disciples.


Successfully launched a collaborative fitness brand that worked in harmony with the content of the complex multi-media platform Oxygen Magazine generating millions in sales. Trademarked Oxygenfit continued to create new business, marketing materials, and manufactured products.


“8.O =‘s OXYGEN”

It was realized we had synergy with the world and the responsibility to deliver a well thought-out product-line synonymous with an element everybody knew, a message, and world-class photographic quality of products and models that would attract.

Increasing the 8.O Intake

Oxygenfit started with a dream to serve women from all walks of life meet their fitness goals while maintaining a sense of belonging and motivation. Already deeply immersed in so many facets of the fitness industry, David was ready to go to the next level.

The objective was proposed to Robert Kennedy, founder of the Canadian- based Robert Kennedy Publishing. Bob and the RKP team fully supported the Oxygenfit initiative with open arms; making a collaboration for the ages. This strategic partnership bore the Oxygenfit brand.

Partnering with a renowned photographer to produce highly effective visual content and maintain a productive relationship with RKP was key.

Giving it All to Her

The Body Ball Kit and The FitStick Body Sculpting System. Giving it all to her came with ease by combining the two kits to make up The Body Plan Kit. The products worked well with the high-performance DVD workout programs.

B2B for Her

Part of the Oxygenfit sales strategy was to sell, use, and promote the products business to business. The brand was directly targeting small business owners, gyms, and personal trainers.

In OUR OWN Words

“Love Your Body, Live Your Life”

“Real Results for Women”

“Self Care Is The New Health Care.”

In-House & In Her Life . . .

Key to the marketing and growth strategy was the in-house production of ongoing media. Our shoots resulted in nothing less than magic, and for a fraction of the cost compared to outsourcing.

We donned the cover of prominent magazines; Oxygen Magazine, Glutes Magazine, and Clean Eating Magazine.

She Tested It

Thanks to an active photographer, Oxygenfit created all of the promotional materials that have appeared online and in national publications with a strong response across the spectrum.

LIVE Content Curation in Planning

As part of our viral web marketing campaign, we built content with news-like pod-crews dispatched to interesting parts of Southern California to film and capture women of all shapes and sizes working out.

Web Development
& Design – Ongoing

We developed several custom web and mobile app experiences from scratch to cater to the female consumer on-the-go.

Her Perfect Landing

We developed several custom web and mobile app experiences. Various landing pages were designed to complement the needs and wants of the wide female consumer base and settle B2B strategic placements and cross-selling ops.

Mobilizing Her Portal of Ecstasy

The team went all the way when it came to making sure the female consumer had EVERYTHING she wanted for her fitness routines; from building the software for the products to a mobile app to a full-service health and wellness portal.


Purchasers of Oxygenfit products had access to more than 300 high-quality, high-definition workouts and moves.

Producing for Her Satisfaction

Here’s just some of what we created for our female consumers:

Turn-key Fitness Program Medical Weight Loss

Oxygenfit collaborated with a Dr. Barry Sears venture to design and develop the very first fitness program for medical weight loss clinic patients.

Ofit Travel for Her

As a key product of the Oxygenfit line, the Flight Attendant Kits were developed in two styles for future use. The kit’s versatile nature fits perfectly in various venues.


The design and development of Oxygenpilates was charted to reinvent the Pilates craft for the travel-active Pilates enthusiast! The Oxygenpilates PTR is an efficient-on-the-go system designed to perform most Reformer modalities anywhere while traveling.

Tradeshow Display

The Oxygenfit team spent months developing a business strategy around a trade show schedule as the business evolved. The result was a design of a modern modular trade show booth. Point-of-purchase displays were a key aspect of the sales strategy. A POP store display and a fitness retailer store display were designed and developed to meet future retail needs.

Oxygenfit’s Recipe for Success

David and the team assembled decades of professional fitness business expertise they applied when proving the business model while Oxygenfit was in operations. The outcome?

A 61-page beautiful, extensive, well-researched, and written business plan used as a road map to shop investors, build the company, surpass milestones, and create partnerships.

About Oxygenfit

Oxygenfit was the original company to produce an on-the-go fitness kit catered to females! The female-centric product line has been shared through multiple social platforms and products are still in use today.

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