Transforming The Mundane Into A Fitness Industry Market Maker

Synopsis: National Gym Supply is a service, replace, and repair parts company focused on the operational needs of gyms and fitness centers. The work produced expanded the buyer base, grew product consumption, and created an inviting and visual streamlined user experience, growing revenues exponentially.


Gym equipment can be unappealing to look at and the parts that make them work are boring. The company sought to look and feel better, expand the annually released catalog reach, and create a more attractive engaging and exciting keepsake to drive up sales and user retention. Move from a dated and plain feel to a modern lifelike pulse-beating vibe that the reader could trust and wanted to use.


Co-create and co-develop (with the internal team) a colorful experience based on the concept that it wasn’t just a parts catalog but a resource to invite callers to order items addressing the needs of a wide market of buyers. Create the content and tips persona. Expand product lines.


Improved personalization of catalog for national buyers by introducing world-class fitness models. Created a specialized catalog for personal trainers and group exercise instructors. Established the right imagery, iconography with aesthetic visuals – later hiring a world class photographer. Sales revenue increased, enabling the business model.

Expanding the Reach

National Gym Supply is alive and breathing well with a successful business and thousands of customers. The company is seeking more active buyers across national health clubs with their visually appealing branding and new, attractive catalog.


The vision for a separate section in the catalog, yet still cohesive and useful to the audience (for personal trainers and group exercise fitness instructors) was to go from mundane to full of life and appealing. The design and development of a colorful and inviting experience happened here.

Dynamic Still-Life Images

In order to improve the human element of the catalog, world-class fitness models were photographed for the cover and inside content.

Art Direction & Iconography

Iconography was established in the beginning with cartoons, color-differentials for departments, and later still-life imagery was implemented to enhance viewer experience, engagement, and aesthetics.

Trainer Tools

We originated and developed the Trainer Tools section of the catalog to help fitness professionals and health clubs provide the right training tools to clients and members.

Client Testimony

“David Griffin’s brain works differently. He makes connections most don’t make. He finds truths that most don’t find. And he locates opportunity in unlikely places. We run a company focused on the operational needs of gyms and fitness centers. In 2000, we hired David to help us expand our vision of what we could be. David developed for us several spot-on ideas we could take our business. Those ideas evolved into proposals and then plans. Each plan stayed focused on our target market by augmenting our customer products and services. Since David’s consulting, we experienced fifteen years of uninterrupted growth. David’s efforts contributed to that growth.”

— Jon Webster, President,National Gym Supply

Creative Imaging and Concept

A new look and feel was implemented by proposing a new fresh, timeless look and feel by using upscale photography.


New Products and Services
Incorporating various needed products and services commonly used in the profession coupled with well developed-field tested resources developed the much-needed business sector, ongoing allure with existing and new buyers which broadened NGS brand awareness building brand trust and credibility.

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