High Definition Body Nutrition

BODHD is a whole-foods based line of nutritional products that utilized network marketing as its preferred channel to distribute its products and services. The company launched with great reception, however lacked modern technology which would communicate the brand offerings to the tech savvy consumer and independent rep force the company wanted to attract in order to build the business. When we began with BODHD, it was the prelaunch phase as a network marketing company looking to build and grow the business internationally to position as a profitable acquisition target within a two-year time frame.


Restructure sitemap, revitalize the brand image, and develop content and promotions so they could be a top competitor in the network marketing nutrition and health industry.


Create a clean and modern website easy for users to navigate while highlighting the new product line with the use of celebrities, top models, athletes, photography, videos, and vibrant colors for better alignment of product and brand to the market audience —expanding product line value proposition and increase sales.


Launched a new, attractive business opportunity for sales reps, a new website with a redeveloped back office, attractive new front-end options, new product line, a new weight loss program and newly designed marketing materials that not only increased engagement, but fused a cohesive culture with brand, product line, and users alike that led them to be acquired by b-HIP Global.

Expanding the Brand

BODHD was already an active brand, however they needed operational support and growth capital to modernize brand execution while establishing solid sales numbers with a believable future resulting in the company’s sales exponentially increasing so they would be acquired.

Modernizing the Digital Experience

BODHD was already established in the United States at around 1700 direct sales network marketers, but was utilizing antiquated systems, and needed revolutionary digital options to substantially increase its network marketing and direct sales revenues on a global scale.

Research and Development

The comprehensive document we produced as a result of our intense research and discovery included:
• New sitemap and intuitive content mapping
• Analysis of brand, projects and competitors
• Proposal for new apparel, product line, and  websites
• New designer toolbox (color, logo,  illustration, type)
• New pitch deck for investors
• Strategic product placement partnerships

Design & Development

The website design allowed us to visually connect the impressive proprietary product line with high-definition photography, while providing the B2C user a simple transaction experience and the B2B client of BODHD access to the proprietary Back Office Admin tool where they managed communications, commissions, tools, their own personalized html landing page, and more from their own Dashboard.

Crucial to the success of the BODHD project we needed to establish connectivity. We designed and developed an interactive weight loss program, multiple wellness platforms and a coaching program to address customer retention variables and behavior modification hot points.

These web design elements enticed and educated B2B and B2C users to become and persevere as successful, prosperous branches of the BODHD community.

Dynamic Product Variations

Each BODHD health and wellness product item selling has differing sizes, packaging, proprietary formulas, purposes, features, and colors. We made sure to make browsing through them easy as pie by adding visual cues to drive visitor UX by way of custom photographs, illustrations, and colors.

We spearheaded the comprehensive style guide initiative that gave users and B2B clients of BODHD the ability to select selling apparel according to recommendations, colors, sizes, and personalization options, yet to do it all with comfort and ease.

Client Stories & Personal Contests

Telling stories and getting people involved are the best ways to create user connections. By providing enticing photography, an uplifiting mood, short snippets of motivation, and a prize-winning trip contest, users are enticed to not only buy the products but to become direct sales network marketer clients of BODHD.

Building the Visual Storyline

For several months, the team actively planned, designed, and created new products and categories, back office upgrades, and website properties to prepare for international expansion opportunities that aligned with the brand.

bHIP and BODHD mutually agreed to merge in early 2012. The advantages of the unique convergence enhanced the BODHD line-up of nutrition products, back office, pay plan, distributor website, and corporate website (and the bHIP Energy & Anti-Aging products).

Today, BODHD is under new ownership, the product line continues to be a premier sales and marketer of nutrition and health for consumers and independent reps.

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