21st Century Fresh Food & Beverage Kiosk

bodbox will be the trusted brand providing high-quality, healthy food and beverages via a high-tech digital kiosk to the growing number of co-working professionals who are sick and tired of making bad food choices.


Getting healthy food options to the high percentile of co-working professional workers who often find themselves eating alone and with only unhealthy food options available for snacking and lunchtime.


A fully automated food dispensing kiosk with a fast and healthy business model and on-demand user experience developed for the 21st century co-working audience.


Users interact with the bodbox through the proprietary mobile app and kiosk software to order good tasting and healthy food while at work. They can order just by walking up to the kiosk without even touching the screen! They can also order by using the app on their phone while directly in front or right from their office. Kiosks will be placed in various Los Angeles co-working spaces.

Expanding the Brand

Healthy food and beverages are accessible in the modern co-worker space by way of the revolutionary new 21st century bodbox. The brand is currently seeking financing for development and operations to achieve a $16k transaction goal within six months.


Two years of service, R&D, software and app development has gone into the building of bodbox. The android-based kiosk was built for easy navigation (with open source code).

The time spent developing the business technology was spent so users can have a personal stock of healthy food and beverage choices based on their profile when they want it at work.

Research & Discovery

During the research and discovery phase, we explored our target market audience in the coworking space. Investments are continuing to pour into the co-working sector. This is creating a rise in the number of working professionals who want better, healthier food and tech products while at work.

Our market of local coworking locations continues to expand with no end in sight.

Interactive Food Stock Kiosk

Imagine it, a fresh food kiosk at work that interacts with you just like in the Jetson’s.

“Hi Mandi, would you like to order your regular today?”

You reply “yes…” and out comes a sparkling water, a lime, an avocado, and a small veggie tray. All your favorites!

How does the fresh food kiosk know I’m there?

The kiosk software recognizes the app on the user’s phone when they are within close proximity of the kiosk. This makes it simple and convenient to order and go. The user walks away feeling good about making personal health choices at work.

Natural Retention

This feeling of pride and accomplishment along with the custom delicious options will drive the customers back time and time again; increasing revenue and brand awareness.

bodbox perks include:

Automated Experience
No Charge to Locations
High Profit to Partners & Locations
Healthy Food & Beverages
Natural Beverage Companions
Health & Wellness Focused
Personalized Food & Bev Stock
No Waste
Convenient & Simple
Automated Inventory Control
High Retention Rates

Strategic Partnerships

We couldn’t do what we do without the phenomenal relationships we maintain with other businesses.
bodbox is made possible with help from our Southern California strategic partners at medlmobile, executionists, and crowdblink.

How the Food Magic Happens

Chief-Foodie Carey Griffin chooses the bodbox food, beverage, and snack items. The primary food vendor is based in Southern California.

It’s the No-Charge Ending

No client overhead is incurred.

Financial mutual benefits are high. No charges are billed by bodbox and sales revenue is split between the location, bodbox, and the food partner.

Today, bodbox is in development operations, with a growing demand for more.

bodbox supports sustainability and humans.

There is 0% waste, as all unused food is donated to the homeless and foster families.

Stay tuned for bodbox updates!

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