Our Process

David Griffin and his team have been successfully building and helping health and fitness companies achieve amazing financial goals and deliver on mission for over 20 years. We understand that the most important assets of a company no matter the size are its people, the brand promise, and its ability to produce positive cash flow.

Brand value is about your personality, people and culture, and delivering a unique experience others can’t even come close to.

David and his team understand how to communicate these values, both real and perceived. The GCA team manages and executes every facet of what your company needs in order to build that brand loyalty and trust.

Quality cohesive messaging and consistency are critical for how your brand values are perceived and brand loyalty and consumer come backs are achieved. We are dedicated to building your Asa a result, your brand message and financials get stronger.



We call the beginning of our engagement “The Strategic Accessibility Factor.” The process starts with listening. Then we can begin to define the core attributes that your company or venture actually needs based on your core aspirations.

We dig into the essence of you, the brand, and the foundation of the how your brand serves its true purpose. Attributes can be emotional, rational, and tangible as well as abstract.

Together we connect the “why’s” or desires of your market to your brand’s essence so that it makes money.


Organizational Development

Have you already inspired others to achieve great successes? Do you have a lot that you’ve done, created and developed? Want to do more but you feel like you can’t? This is a very powerful energy that we can help you translate to measurable results that create financial success!

Get ready to have you and your culture evaluated and organized. This is the next step in our process that works every time for every organization of any size and is extremely valuable—we’ve proven it.

We put together a roadmap to express your special touch of purpose and inspiration. We implement effective organizational strategies to build a stronger business model, more confidence in the people, and solid financials every time!

When we implement these effective organizational strategies, we build stronger businesses and brands from the foundation up.

By the way, if you feel that you’ve already got this on lock? GREAT! We triple check your process and take you to the next level!



Our approach to creative is client-focused. Our creative team elevates brands, forms pivotal relationships with audiences, and drives conversions.

Our discovery phase enables us to produce context-driven, intuitive experience design solutions.

They are then scaled into measurable design systems that are recognizable and unique by the market, ensuring consistent execution of the creative across all audience touchpoints.



This is the time we run down the field to make your touchdown! Everything gets turned on in this phase: creative concepts, responsive driven tactics, and consumer engagement.

Finding ways to build relationships, increase brand awareness and drive sales are our specialty.



The most valued byproduct of your financial success has to be the ability to duplicate it. At the completion of each project, we delve into the analytics: What caused people to buy, how did they arrive right where we wanted them—or not? We review every spec of the success and process and make sense of the data results.

We look at the all metrics points, identify key insights and make the needed adjustments quickly to make our future decisions meaningful moves that increase the financials.



We help brands tap into new energy that fuels growth, breathes new life into consumer-brand relationships and powers big ideas.

When this energy is captured in just the right way, success happens and financial freedom is achieved! Our celebration is honoring and serving the success by keeping it going and growing financially!

Celebrations come into play here.

A monumental moment to high-five another client!