I know, I know—you’ve heard it all now. Stretchy content.
What in the world does it mean and does it involve plastic wrap?
No plastic wrap involved, here’s my definition:
“Stretchy content: Multi-faceted, strategic content that is placed and stretched across multiple platforms, in various media forms over a set period of time— delivering one idea and one message to a growing number of viewers and listeners.”

Why Do We Need Stretchy Content?
If stretchy content is not sought after by companies and businesses right now, then just wait. It will not take long for the cost-effective value to shine, plus it is better and makes more sense to execute a stretchy content campaign for your nutrition business than paying several times for multiple single-minded campaigns or traditional advertising that has set limitations every turn you take.
Content strategists already know how evolved and in demand stretchy content is right now among many companies around the world, especially in health, fitness, and nutrition. It won’t take long for it to dwindle down to the rest of the business world, from small to medium business owners to entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Believe me, stretchy content (also called sticky content) is here to stay. As a content strategist, I KNOW it WILL be. People’s orders to writers and content strategists will change. Recommendations will change. Delivery of stories will change. The entire culture is changing. It’s time to get on board. People are demanding experiences, and accepting nothing less.
It’s Time to Grab Their Attention in a World of Instant Gratification

If you question anything about stretchy content that allows consumers to go from one piece of your story to another, then consider the fact that consumers have instant access to whatever they need via the handy-dandy smartphone/iPhone.
Don’t you want to captivate their attention immediately and have them clicking to the next piece of content you have published about your latest nutrition product versus leaving your site to go somewhere else (and they forget all about you)?
Ask yourself this question, “What do consumers want to know?”
With that being said, consumers want what they want RIGHT NOW, and it better be captivating and engaging. If you are going to publish 17 pieces of stretchy content, then put some deep thought into it.
After all, who likes a mundane sequel? That’s what I thought. No one.
If the second version is boring, then forget about the viewer wanting to see the third, fourth, or even 15th because they will be long gone to another website seeking to fill their need for gratification all over again.

This is why strategy is vital to the success of any stretchy content campaign. You want to keep your audience involved, caring, and on the edge of their seat waiting for the next chapter in the story.

Don’t throw your marketing dollars down the toilet by launching a campaign without a strong, thought-out plan.

Where Do I Post?

The content you place will be different, yet it will all deliver one thing: one solid message. Social media communications will be shorter, mini-posts. The tone of the posts, length, and number of hashtags may differ on various platforms. Take stock of your nutrition business social media accounts. The most popular social media networks among people are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Twitter – 140 characters of short, captivating updates. Mainly used to share images and links. Great for recognizing supporters and for networking with like-minded people.

Facebook – Posts can be of any length, but keeping them shorter is better. The platform can be used in various ways to share photos, videos, links, and stories. The capability for commenting helps to create dynamic conversations.
Instagram – This network is specifically for sharing graphics, pictures, and short videos. You can include titles, links, and hashtags to blogs and landing pages.

LinkedIn – A hub for professionals, non-profits, and businesses where updates, best practices, and advice can be shared. This platform is widely used for professional introductions, references, and networking. It is the best place for sharing articles and blog posts.

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