Many people would love to make it into the Guiness Book Of World Records. I had a group of friends who actually set the world record for building the largest plate of nachos in history. Imagine if you could identify a record that you wanted to break. Would you then have a greater focus and sense of purpose in your day?

Athletes, companies, and even regular folks with interesting talents break records all the time. Records are kept as a way to measure the achievements of humanity. Some people decide to set silly records like seeing how many marshmallows they can put in their mouth. Others seek to risk their lives by going deeper into the ocean than man has ever achieved or likewise, high above the ground as they float at the edge of space powered by balloons.

What Record Will You Break?

achieve business wellness goalsIn sports, home run totals, quarterback touchdown passes, & NBA championship rings determine who the greatest athletes are of all time. By setting a goal to break a record, you are able to envision the record broken, and all the benefits that come with holding that title. Imagine if you could start out each year with one specific record in mind to break. In business, you might have a sales goal that is the record you want to break. In personal finance, you may want to pay off a record amount of debt or make a record investment in property or stocks. In relationships, a husband may break his record for consecutive weeks taking his wife on a date or putting the toilet seat down.

If you say, “I have no idea what record I could break!”, then stop thinking so big. What is a worthy achievement you have never accomplished? Reach your goal and break your own record. Is it personal or professional? Is it short term or long term? Is it going to be easy or difficult to achieve? Thinking of yourself as a record breaker is not a natural thing.

Setting Goals Starts Momentum

This is a different way to approach life if you are not used to setting goals. You are your own competition. Simply set a goal that is beyond what you have done in the past. As you reach your goal, you become a record breaker. Your goal may put you in an official record book, but that’s not necessary. As you break your own records, you will experience momentum in your life.

I once walked 5 miles. I then walked 10 to break my own record. Today my record is 30 miles. It is not an official record, but in my mind I am a record breaker. When you achieve your goal, you will naturally want to set new goals. By focusing on breaking a record, you will not get distracted. You will keep focused.

In life we need to be motivated, and by viewing goals as records to be broken, it’s motivating. You are connecting powerful emotions that come with breaking records to your achievements. This creates a powerful cycle of emotional connection to goal achievement causing growth.

Start Reaching Your Marketing Goals

Your marketing can make or break your business. Too many health, wellness, and fitness brands leave marketing planning till they’re “ready.” If you wait to set your marketing goals, budget, and plan, then you’ll find you’re behind the curve. And in this industry you simply can’t afford to do that.

To stay competitive and reach your goals start planning now. Griffin Creative Agency team is here to help you break your own business records. If you want to know how we drive your business’ growth, let’s talk.