Beloved Google has done it again. They have a brand new strategy to help you attract new customers! It is only a few months old, and is proving to be very beneficial!

Brand and retail advertisers have more sale-through transactions through third-party sites; also revolutionizing the shopping experience for consumers.

Video assets are included in Google’s offerings by appearing in user searches with videos in Showcase Shopping Ads. How would you like to have your products appearing in video ads to your target market audience? There is no better time than now to start using Showcase Shopping Ads to increase your click-thru rate.

Showcase Shopping Ads is a newer feature from Google that rolled out last year, thus the multi-image shopping format you have grown accustomed to seeing.

Ad clicks will now send the user to a Google landing page filled with products, promotions, and descriptions. You can update the information frequently, as everything comes from the advertiser’s feed of products.

The video will play in full at the top of the landing page that features products and more from the advertiser’s product feed.

Google has announced this is a top-of-the-funnel consideration format of marketing. They claim this new vehicle is attracting 3.6x’s more customers than average CTR. Google says there is a 20% increase in conversion rates with first-click attributes.

If that’s the case, then we are witnessing a truly revolutionary moment in the evolving of the customer shopping experience. More than 1/3 of shoppers use visual ads and galleries online before shopping last holiday season, according to Google.

Let me show you a few other stats showing you why video marketing is so important to your business in today’s time and age.

  • 64% of consumers buy something after spending time watching a branded video. (- tubularinsights)
  • In June 2017, 483 million totals views were generated by audiences watching sponsored content. – (tubularinsights)

In light of these numbers, it is easy to see we are living in an online video ecosystem. Brands continue to face the challenge to generate content that will do more than drive views and sales; they need to connect with their audience to build loyalty, followers, respect, and trust. Does your brand have a large, loyal following that oozes trust and respect?

If you answered no, GCA can help.

If you need assistance with your video marketing campaign, check out these steps to set up showcase shopping ads compliments of Wordstream.

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Let’s take your business to revolutionary momentum! We will help you with your business and your customer’s shopping experience. We look forward to hearing from you!