If you have been losing readers or conversions lately, it is time to evaluate your content. Here are seven signs your fitness content is turning off your audience or proving to be not interesting at all. Plus learn what you can do about it.

1. Don’t Bring Down the Competition

No one likes a negative Nelly at home, and in business it’s no different. Clients and potential customers are not impressed when you display or speak down about another health and fitness business. Pointing out the flaws and errors in the competition is not the way to go when you should instead be demonstrating your business strengths and uniqueness. In other words, stand out on your own accord, not by stepping on or bad-mouthing the competition.

2. Pointless Intros

Hook your readers in with the first sentence and forget about the useless fluff. When people tune into your fitness content, they want to read and see the information they are looking for right away. If you fill the beginning with fluff and pointless intros before getting to the point, you take the chance on losing your readers before they even get to the meat of your content. Don’t make this mistake!

3. Regurgitated Simple Content

If you are writing an article or sharing content that is easily found on Google or Bing in an internet search, then you are wasting your time and pushing your audience away. Readers want unique, new, original content on fitness that will help them; not something they can find themselves in a couple seconds of searching online or already know.

4. Don’t be Obvious

Content is King. Everyone needs to exercise. Nutrition is important to your health.
As you can see, these three sentences are obvious statements. Your job is to inform your audience with your content. Do not give them “well, duh” moments or you will lose your readers quickly to your competitors.


Mix up your content. Use videos, memes, press releases, interviews, health and fitness news, new company profiles, audio with fitness tips, blogs, announcements, articles, listicles, and how-to’s. Publishing listicles or how-to’s for every single post will bore your audience and also shows your business is not thinking outside the box at all. Instead, publish varied diverse content.

6. No Interaction

One of the best ways you can gauge your fitness reader engagement is through comments, If you have hundreds of subscribers and open commenting, yet no one ever comments on your posts (besides spammers), then it may because your content is not interesting, doesn’t flow well or just needs some word love from an experienced writer.

7. Irrelevant Content

What are your thoughts about a health and wellness business posting topics on finance? What if Facebook memes appeared across LinkedIn? An article on the new Apple Watch placed on a nutrition blog. That’s right, these are examples of inappropriately placed content. When you notice these things on other pages, they typically frustrate you, so you can be assured they will also frustrate your readers and there is nothing worse than that because you most likely lose them.

The point is that you need to post content that is relevant to your business and your audience, not whatever is on your mind at the time. Don’t flood your blog with your thoughts on things, as your readers are coming to your site to get solutions to their problems. If you aren’t talking about your audience to your audience, they will click away to someone that is. And for goodness sake, develop a content marketing strategy/plan.

8. Lack of Time and Effort

If you spend less than an hour and don’t put in ample effort on your blog posts, then your post will not typically have what it takes to keep the reader on the page for long. Experienced bloggers and content writers spend up to 10 hours on each post they write.

Does your content pass the test?

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